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American Standards
Home Inspection Services LLC
There is no other way to inspect an American Home.
Phone: 708-989-6205
A reputable home inspection is an integral part of the residential real estate transaction.  When you come to a decision to purchase a home, it is time to consider a professional home inspection.  Include a contingency clause in your purchase agreement that you have the right to have a home inspection.  Schedule the inspection as soon as possible after signing the purchase agreement.  To gain maximum benefit form the home inspection - BE THERE.  It is important that you be present during the inspection to gain additional insight about the home you are buying. 
  American Standards Home Inspection Services is rapidly growing to be the most preferred home inspection company in the Chicago land area.  Our objective is to give you a comprehensive and thorough inspection through visual observation and performance evaluation of the major working components of the property.
Andrew Cade, Chief Inspector
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